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sometimes I feel something in the liver area.

Hi; I drank heavily until 2005 when they said I had a fatty infiltration of the liver and my liver enzymes were high. So I didn't drink for 11 years and everything quickly returned to normal. Now I have on to three drinks twice a week. Sometimes I notice a sensation in the liver area. It's not really pain, maybe a bit of tightness. My liver enzymes are all well within the normal range and my health otherwise is great. I am 57. What could this be?
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Hm, hard to say. However if you correlate it directly to drinking then the cure may be to give up those one to three drinks twice a week.  I have a certain food I love and every time I eat it, I get a sick feeling.  Had to give it up as that wasn't worth it to me.  So, perhaps that's an easy answer for you to try!  
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Pretty impossible to tell if a pain is in the "liver area."  Lots of stuff in the body, and the liver is in the middle.  Organ pain is hard to pinpoint.  If you wish to continue drinking in moderation, as you're doing, you need to got see your doc and see if anything seems odd, but it's just as likely you tweaked something muscular near that area.  As we age, things hurt.  I will say, though, that Mom's advice is also good -- any time you think something you're consuming is causing a problem, stop consuming it and if the problem goes away you have your answer.  The only reason I'm posting at all here is that it's the liver you're talking about, and that's not something to fool around with if you've had problems before.  By the way, there are ways of eating and and plants you can take in supplement form as well as supplements that are very liver protective.  Alpha lipoic acid, for example, would be a good idea, and it's a great antioxidant anyway as it protects Vitamin C from oxidizing.  It's one of the few antioxidants that protect both fat and water soluble nutrients from oxidation.  The most important liver protector is glutathione, which is very high in wheat grass.  Artichoke, dandelion root, burdock and many other foods can be very helpful.  My final point would be, if I had a liver problem, I wouldn't be drinking three drinks at a time -- I'd just have one.  But that's me.  Also be wary of statins and acetaminophen, both of which are commonly used and highly liver toxic.  Take good care of that organ!
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hello, Liver pain can take several forms.  Most people feel it as a dull, throbbing sensation in the upper right abdomen.Here is some possible cause :
nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
Reye’s syndrome
liver cancer

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