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swollen ankles


I have been trying hard to lose weight and have been going to the gym 5-6 days a week and now i have got sore swollen ankles, they are sore just a wee tiny bit above the ankle, they have been like this for a week now with not much change, i have stopped doing any high impact exercise but i have still been weight training once a week, i am thinking that they are like this because of the jumping around, before i started working out i wasn't very active and maybe i need different shoes i have runners not cross trainers.
i would have thought they would have started to go down by now, i have also kept them alivated as much as possible and applied cold packs, but there is things to be down around the house etc.
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I have the exact same problem, I started training three weeks ago and am in a lot of pain with my swollen ankles, and like yourself try to keep them elevated as much as possible.

You have to let me know if you find out what the cause of it is?

I was thinking maybe my trainers as mine are runners also with a lot of support but maybe I thought its because they are so tight and supportive that there isnt enough circulation getting to my legs and feet - hence the swelling.

Good luck in getting it sorted.


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I have been training for about 10 weeks. I work out 5-6 times a week. At the begininng I noticed ankle swelling just on the inside of my ankle. If I elevate it long enough at night my swelling will go down. Some days I dont have it all, then some days it comes back. I dont really have any pain. Just discomfort when they get really swollen. I tried wearing only my tennis shoes and that didnt help, which ruled out flip flops. I asked my Dad who is a doc and he said it is from having a desk job. It is also a factor that I am overweight and havent been active in a long time. I just deal with my cankles now. He did suggest getting a tilt board to keep under my desk which is supposed to help circulation. Havent tried it yet.
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Please take it easy for a while. I can understand the anxiety to lose weight fast but I feel you need to slow down a bit. I would suggest you also take OTC painkillers as they will reduce the swelling and the pain. Take care!
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I think you should keep training, but with lower impact exercises;  swimming or water aerobics,  elliptical machine, pilates or strength building exercises where you are not on your feet.  You can keep reaching towards your fitness goals, while at the same time resting the joint that gives you trouble.  Try icing after a workout and taking anti-inflammatories.   good luck and I love your name,  Embrace it girl!
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I have just come back from a long hiking trek and one of my ankles is swollen and sore to the touch i'v been taking anti inflammatories but after a week it is just as bad i have stooped all my exercise but its the same... HELP!!!!
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ok i've been going to the gym for almost 3 months got a personal trainer that i see once a week i was doing really good going 5 to 6 times a week i could now do things that i couldnt do before like running for 30 to 40 min straight with out stopping i was proud of my self but now about a week ago i was on the tredmil and couldnt take it my ancles were litteraly hurting so i stoped and went home once i got home i noticed that my anlces were swollen the swollen has gonn dwn but they hurt i walk and they hurt i sit and i can feel the pain dont know what to do does someone know what causes ure ancles to swole and hurt??????
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