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tensed for loosing fat

im 17 yrs old.i have some fat in my stomach,waist nd thighs..where i live there is no place for jogging or running..so how can i get rid from this fat??
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First of all, welcome!  The good thing is you are young enough to still have good metabolism to help burn those extra calories and fat.  Below are a couple of suggestions to aid in that process.

You should start by observing what you eat and the size of the portions.  Keeping a food diary of everything you consume (food and drinks) for just one week will train you to be mentally aware.  From this observation, begin by taking out those foods and drink that are high in saturated fats and carbohydrates and intake foods that are of lean proteins (fish, chicken, tofu, etc.), low fat, and low carbs.  Remember to drink lots of fluids - water, green teas, black teas, etc., which aids in good digestion and organ function.  Contrary to what women may think, drinking water also assists with reducing that bloated feeling in the belly area.  

Secondly, start an indoor exercise routine, beginning with yoga stretches.  45 minutes a day (stretching included), everyday should be a good start.  Every other day focus on your cardiovascular exercises with bringing your heartrate up by jogging in place or knee lifts, jumping jacks, and other aerobic movements.  On the opposite days, focus on strength training by targeting the stomach with crunches and sit ups, the thighs can be targeted by lunges, squats, and leg lifts.  Repititions are key to each of these types of exercise.  When you feel the burn, you're doing good! If you can find a store with exercise equipment, there are weights you can wrap around your ankles to increase resistence.  Between the strength training and cardio workout, you will burn those extra calories and fat stored in the waist and thighs, and also increase your metabolism to continue burning those calories after your workout.

Remember, without the proper foods and drink in your diet, no amount of exercise will really help.  Good luck!  I know you can start a routine!

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stomach fat i think is all diet loss. u cant exercise that at all. just keep a good diet going
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Hi, you can start with some aerobic exercises like treadmill or 30 minutes a day starting with slow speed and slowly increasing the pace. After a month you may add some more exercises to your schedule like little weight training along with other equipment you have. You can also add Yoga at any stage. Be careful to eat balanced diet. Avoid taking sugars and fat in your diet. Losing weight is a slow process and issued not expect body changes before 2 to 3 months. I hope this helps.
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