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weight loss

i wanna loose weight badly...i have joined vlcc and i do excersice...and walking....but i starve...i rly dn wanna starve...is thr any otr way i can eat also and can do weight loss also?
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Sure you can lose weight perfectly by planning your diet and eating healthy.

To start with you say a strict no to any deep fries, sweets, cold drinks, lassi, choclates, pastries, desserts etc.  Avoid Maida, Paneer, meats like mutton etc.

Eat enough sprouts, puffed rice, rice flakes in breakfast with fruits. During lunch and dinner eat plain roties, dal, fish, sabjee.  Avoid fat as in meats and eggs.
For dinner have healthy soups, salads, roties, dal, sabjee, dahi etc.
Remember all the milk, dahi taken by you should have been double toned.
Best way is to go to a dietician and make a neat diet plan of around 1500 calories per day.
Alternatively run, jog, walk, and exercise for losing at least 500 calories per day.
Continue this and in 6 months you will have sizeable change in your weight.

Motivation is the most important thing:  and keep us posted about the food you have selected to eat, so that we can tell you what to avoid and also give you alternatives.

Take care!
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Thanks for ur reply...i am a sudent i went abroad for my higher studies i think rice doesn,t suits me...i ate a lot junkiess...and rice...tats y i put on so much weight...will it b gud to take rice puffiess...and flakes??i was surpriised whn u asked me to stop eating paneer...as it comprised of proteins and carbohydrates...can u tell me sum recipies to eat for ma iftaar whn i break my fast i am a muslim so m fasting nwdaz...and plzz i dun rly wanna eat rice..so tell me suthn that dsnt inculdues rice in it..
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There are ways to eat rice. Do not take this basmati and polished rice as this is chiefly carbohydrates. You can take par boiled rice or brown rice and this is good as this has vitamins and lot of fibre so you eat less and this rice soaks more water so it fills you up. With this rice make preparations involving healthy oils and use no butter or ghee.

You can eat Tofu alternatively or make paneer at home with double toned milk. This will only have proteins but no fat. Also eat soya bean, nutramal . Use double toned milk, homemade paneer, tofu in all your curry preparations in place of the normal paneer. Eat all kinds of vegetables and salads.

Rice flakes and Rice puffies are better options as for snacking in place of fried junk food. Do not take mixtures and other fried food. Fruits as in pears and apples are good. No desserts, sweets, chocolates and ice creams.

Milk should be double toned in whatever preparations you use. Eat atta and avoid maida.
No fried food and junk food. Eat healthy and exercise and you will lose weight.

Take care!
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