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workout time of day

i have always heard that working out first thing in the a.m. is the best time but there are mornings where i just cannot force myself out of bed early enough so i wind up exercising at night...like around 8:30-9 PM...am i doing myself wrong by working out at night?  i just figure that it is better than NOT doing it at all.  any comments/suggestions greatly appreciated...thanks!!
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Hi scarletbefonias, how are you? Its great you want to keep yourselt physically fit at any cost. Yes, I agree with your thoughts, early morning we are totally relaxed and feel fresh and so do not get exhausted too early whereas at the end of day, due to stress and strain to body due to daily activities of life including work, you tend to get too tired, feel weak and exhausted to do any physical activity or sustain it. I suggest you to have small snacks in evening 1-2 hours before you start exercising daily. A gentle body massage and steam bath/hot bath at the end of the session will be too soothing and comforting. You will enjoy evening exercises. Share your thoughts and take care.
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I myself often exercise late in the evening.  But if you suffer from insomnia at all, it is not a good idea.  Working out at nighttime can flood you with adrenaline, making it difficult to sleep well.
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thanks for all comments...yes, usually i have to wind down for at least an hour before i can get to sleep.  i would rather be doing this in the a.m. but it has just been working better for me to do it at night.  also i myself feel a lot more energized in the evening.  i am "dead" in the a.m. until about my 4th cup of coffee!!!!!  peace, love and happiness!!
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Hi scarletbegonias, how are you? Thanks for your reply and having shared your thoughts. Generally one would prefer early mornings for doing regular exercises or gym practice but you can choose your convinient time and continue with the fitness program. I do undertstand with family it is difficult to take out time in morning and also if you are going to attend your office, it might not be possible. Do warm up exercises before you go out full sessions. A gentle body massage and warm bath can be soothing to body and help you even sleep well. Try drinking lot of water. Keep updating and share your thoughts. Take care.
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