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Do you think I'll have to do exercise to loss weight or just a different diet?
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Hi jtato.
I'm afraid you need both.
A successful weight loss program involves upping your activity level, adding a doable exercise routine -some cardio and some resistance and optimizing your diet.
Start by clearing out you cupboards from all the cookies, jams, white sugar
(all sugars including artificial are unhealthy and promote weight gain),
cake mixes etc. You get the idea.
Start buying organic fresh salads and vegetables, same in fresh fruit but less and consume pastured grass fed meat in moderation, free range poultry and eggs, small amounts of organic grains,seeds and nuts and low or no mercury fish (not farmed).
Avoid like the plague fast-food, processed food, diet foods, low anything foods and try to cook from scratch, using fresh quality ingredients.
Stay well hydrated by drinking ample spring water 1 hour away from meals.
Incorporate some omega-3 supplements, use virgin coconut oil for cooking and extra virgin olive oil for drizzling over salads and vegetables.
lemon/lime added to water will also help with alkalizing ( increase PH)
Overall if you eat healthy low-glycemic and alkalizing foods, most of the time and exercise daily for an hour or so (even brisk walking counts) you should be on your way to losing some weight.
I hope this helps.
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exercise funnily enough isnt necessary to lose weight!! a healthy diet, with plenty of fruit and veg, plain rice, fish, poultry and minimising salty, fatty sauces will massively help to lose weight and fast. Trust me, I lose 4 stone with no exercise, just eating healthy :)
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Yes, exercise for many people ,like you, don't need exercise to lose weight,
but  besides a good diet, you still need some kind of activity on a regular basis.
For others, weight loss comes easier, when a regular exercise program is implemented in conjunction with a healthy diet.
We also need to consider the fact that we are all not the same.
You metabolism might be a lot higher than jtato's.
I'm sure most of us know of someone who eats like a horse and never gains any weight and another person who just looks and smells food and gains weight, lol!
Age, genetics, activity levels (not exercise), thyroid function, cortisol levels
and many other factors govern how we burn calories.

After all, this is the Exercise & Fitness Community, where we discuss and
exchange tips & ideas regarding exercise and fitness in relation to their numerous benefits in overall health and wellness.

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Impossible to answer unless we know what your current diet and activity level are.  
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By the way, some research shows that "exercise," as in, work out for an hour or two a day and then go back to being sedentary the rest of the day, might just lead to weight gain as much as loss.  As a prior post says, it isn't exercise that's important, it's movement.  I don't think you can just sit around all day, though, and lose weight no matter how much better your diet is unless you're profoundly obese to start with.
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