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I need to loose my upper body fat

Hello ,  
I am trying to loose weight in my back, and I was wondering  what exercise I can do?
  I am 5.6 feet and I weigh 156 pound.  I am a little bit active, I go to kick boxing class twice a week , workout class once a week and  I do treadmill for 30 mins and I just started doing Boxing in my Nintendo WII everyday for 30 mins .. In conclusion I go to the GYM probably 4 days .  I have been doing that for 4 weeks but  I haven't loose weight or loose any fat from my body.  About my eating I do eat 80% healthy , I need to improve my eating  so lately I have  been doing the 4 meals a day with low calories .
Thank you
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thank you for the comment .. I will start doing more cardio
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You will lose extra fat deposited in your body exactly the same way as you have gained it. I would suggest you to do cardio for 45-60 minutes regularly and you will start losing the fat which you deposited recently and finally the areas where you gained initially you will lose last.

About your diet sit and plan properly and always take expert advice as you can have some additional tips of what food to avoid and what to eat.

Other than cardio as in treadmill, cross trainer, running, skipping, jogging you can indulge in whatever sports or physical activities you enjoy. It is your personal choice but remember regular cardio is important to lose proportionally.

Take care!
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