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Gaining weight while exercising and dieting

Why am I gaining weight while exercising and dieting?
I have done as much as increase my exercising to 1 1/2 six days a week
I stop eating after 7 and I am usually in bed by midnight.
I alternate with arobics and weight training
I eat healthy small meals oatmeal with walnuts and rasins for breakfast
a chicken or turkey sandwich for lunch and a bowl of bran cereal with fruit is normally my last meal
for about four months now I have been doing this and gaining weight.  Its discouraging.  I went from a size 6 to a size 10.  
I started out just wanting to lose 10 - 15lbs now my weight has balloned where now I am 25lbs over weight - SOS
What is suggested that I would need to do to lose now 25lbs!?!
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First of all I would advise you not to get too panicky. This kind of anomaly is seen in many persons on some exercise programs. Any weight loss programme requires lots of patience and consistent efforts.

You should first determine if what you're gaining is actually fat or muscle. Muscle has more density than fat. So, even if you gain muscle mass, you might observe an increase in weight. Also the rate at which you are gaining muscle mass might be greater than the rate of loss in body fat.  Hence, you should not entirely depend on a weighing scale to assess your progress.
You should get your body fat regularly tested along with taking measurements of your chest, waist, hips, arms and thighs. If you are losing inches, it is definitely a good indication.

Even if you realize that you are gaining fat, there are certain options you can explore. You should closely monitor your calories intake. There should be balanced intake. Both too much and too little calorie intake can be counterproductive. Perhaps you should be maintaining a food chart for yourself.

You should consult your doctor for a complete medical examination to rule out any other medical conditions and get your thyroid status checked. You should also consult a dietician for a proper diet chart.

Take care

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The one thing I notic about your diet is walnuts and raisons as those are both high calorie in comparison to the amount of food it is.
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