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Head pressure while running

Lately I’ve been having pressure on the right side of my head by my ear as well as my right eye. So much it makes me stop running. It seems to only
Happen when I run or get anxious. Anyone else deal with this? I’ve been an avid runner and it only started happening after I had my baby last year during runs.
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Having a baby can cause all sorts of changes.  They usually go away with time.  Anxiety also cause a lot of things to go awry, as it makes it harder to relax the muscles.  But it really could be all sorts of things.  Tension headaches, sinus headaches, vascular headaches, sleeping wrong, not sleeping enough (having a baby can do that), not enough hydration.  Can't know what's causing it, but since it happened after pregnancy, I'm guessing it was from that or pressures and changes in habits caused by that.  If I'm right, and I have no idea if I am, it should level out.  One thing you might try, which is very hard when you're a newish mother, is meditation  -- can do wonders for headaches.  I'd hate to see you give up running, so I'd rather see you find a way to deal with it rather than doing that.  Have you altered the time of day that you run?  Could also be a factor.
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Appreciate your response!! It’s driving me nuts I have been running marathons for 9 years and this last year has been a struggle. Worried I have a brain tumor or aneurism. I stopped running this past month and my head pressure went away. I went for a mile run yesterday and it is back :/ I see a neurologist on Friday so hoping for the best!
Don't know if you follow tennis, but have you noticed how long it's taken Serena Williams to get back to form after having her baby?  People react differently, but since that's the new thing in your life, I'm guessing that's what it is.  Good luck.

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