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How can i fix my balance?

I hurt my leg a little while ago and im just recovering but my balance seems to be off a bit lately.. Does anyone know of any activities or equipment that i could do/purchase to help me strengthen my balance skills?
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There are many physio aids like wobble boards and rocker boards. If possible take a session with a good physical therapist to make sure you are doing the right exercises.
Make sure you don't hurt yourself again (my rule of thumb is that if you feel worse the next morning then you should cut back or stop what you are doing). I would also suggest yoga as it is really good for balance.
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Here are some easy balance exercises you can do at home:

1. Calf raises on a stair. Stand on the edge of a stair, with your heels hanging off the edge. Hold onto the handrail for support. Reach your heels down towards the floor, getting a good stretch in the calf and achilles. From there, keeping your knees straight, slowly rise up onto the balls of your feet. Think of pressing through the stair as you rise. Hold at the top, make sure your ankles are inline over your feet - avoid rolling inwards or outwards. Then slowly lower back down into the stretch position. Repeat this for a total of 8-12 times depending on what you can handle.

2. Single leg calf raises - same as above, but performed on one leg at a time.

3. Standing on a smooth, flat surface - feet hip hip width apart, place your hand on your hips. Shift your weight to the left foot, standing up tall, think of growing up towards the ceiling. Slowly lift your right foot off the floor and gently rest it on top of your left. Continue to focus on lifting tall and straight through the body. Hold for a few seconds, or as long as you can. Then release the foot back to the floor and repeat to the other side.

4. Retire - similar to the exercise above, but this time you are going to lift your right foot to touch the side of your left knee. You can begin with it resting on top of the foot as before, find your balance, then slowly draw the foot up to the knee. Hold, lift through the waist, staying pulled up through the standing leg. Slowly lower the foot and repeat to the other side.

5. Eyes closed balance. A great way to strengthen your balance is to stand on one leg and close your eyes. Focus on the muscles and alignment of your body, stay lifted and strong on your supporting leg and hold for as long as you can. It sounds simple but it's actually quite difficult. Again repeat this on both sides.

6. The clock - standing, lift your right foot up to the left height of the left knee. Hold your balance, now, dip down and try to touch the floor in front of you at 12 ' 0 ' clock, without letting the right foot touch the floor. Return to standing, then dip to 3 ' 0 ' clock and so on with 6 and 9. Trying to remain on one leg. Rest and repeat on the other side.

In addition to the above exercises squats and lunges help to work the large muscle groups in the legs for knee stabilization, as well as overall strengthening for the legs. Pilates is also great for developing core strength, control and coordination, which will helps anyone's balance to improve.  
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buso Ball or indoboard might help you out.
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My sister has an indoboard and she absolutely loves it!!! She uses it with her weights. I'm still waiting for mine to come in, but I think tthey are soo cool.

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