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I just cant get rid of my stomach

Hi! I'm a fit 39yr old women. Work out 5/6days a week. I double up on training twice a week. This is my time table. Mon Kombat class, followed by 1 1/2 free weight. Tues 45+ mins cardo 1 1/2 free weight. Tues evening Kick boxing. Wed Circuit training. Thurs 45+ Cardio and weights, thurs night kickboxing. Fri day off. Sat Spin class. Sun 6+ mile run. I have lost a stone in 18 months and gone down 2 dress size and lost 6 inches of my waist and gone down a bra size. I stand at 5'3 and weigh 9stone 5lb....put i still have a muffin top!!! I do have 3 kids and 2 of dem were a C section. I work my *** off but just can seem to lose my tum....please help....i'm getting sooooo fed up about it!!!
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Thank you so much for the advice, so both right i do think its now down to my diet and not wat Exercise i'm doing.
I have just stated to use the diet trackers..etc..and i can see where i'm going wrong already..cals..under my limit but fat content...Ooops..dat is were i need to re-educate myself. Thanks again !
Suzeewoo. xx
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As you are losing fat you might have noticed that the fat where you have put up last you are able to lose it first.
This is normal and the fat which was deposited early you will lose last.

I want to congratulate your schedule and i would suggest you to do regular sustained cardio along with all the forms of physical exercise you are undertaking.

Have a healthy balanced diet and plan a diet chart with your dietician and follow it religiously.

Over a period of time you will lose your abdominal fat. Avoid deep fries, sweets, chocolates, desserts, fats, junk food and fast foods.

Take care!
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That's an incredible routine.
First if you haven't used the exercise or weight trackers I would recommend those. They help to see trends over time. With all the exercise you are doing you are probably building up muscle and so your body is getting toned. Now as you lose fat (you don't have much to lose) you will start to see more of the definition. The key to losing the stomach will be watching what you eat. Try cutting down on carbs such as pasta and bread as those go straight to the gut. Increase the protein so that you have the nutrients for your muscles to rebuild and grown. Don't worry if you don't lose weight as the muscles weigh more more than the fat they are replacing. Also, make sure you watch for injuries and are stretching and warming up and cooling down.

Don't be discouraged you are nearly there.
Good luck.
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