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Overweight 13 year old daughter?!

My daughter us going to be 13 this November and has had physical tests on March 2015 and December 2014. Both said she was overweight. She is 5'4 and her weight was 69 on the March physical test. Now, when we weighed her again, it was 79 and that was in June. She can't diet and she exercises for 2 days and then leaves it at that. I am longer than her but my weight is comparatively lesser. Both my sons are average as well. I think she is going after her father who is really overweight. Everyday I see her, it seems she is increasing her weight. She had her menstruation at age 9.
She especially loves fried food, I try to caution her but she just ignores me.
It's her photo with me on my profile pic. I am really worried, HELP?!
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hi...i think fried food is not but but with a limit..she should intake fruit juices and skipping is a very good option for losing weight in weeks,very healthy exercise
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Her picture looks fine, but you can caution her but you are the PARENT. Don't make fried food, buy healthy food.
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I hope youre talking about kilos and not pounds, because otherwise your daughter would actually be severely underweight, not over. But I assume its kilos, so we'll proceed.

First off, have a sit down talk with your pediatrician. This is imperative to help her realize the gravity of this situation. Child obesity is rampant across America, with 42% of children obese or overweight.

Second off, wow! Menstruation at age 9, that's extremely hard on a girl at that age. Hormones can also affect weight gain, but not usually for this long or so severe. Given what you said about her father's own weight, and any other health issues in her family history, it's plausible that her weight issues are genetics.

But, given her tendency towards fried foods, I would say that her sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle is the biggest reason why she's overweight. My sister was heavily genetically prone to being overweight, and how my parents combated that was by immediately getting her involved in high intensity sports, ESPECIALLY running and swimming. Later on, when she became more independent, she took it upon herself to monitor the types of foods she ate. Body weight is 30% working out, and 70% what you eat.

For me, I had more of a problem in the food department. Until a few years ago, I had little to no discipline when it came to the amazingness of Easy Mac, or french bread. Eventually, my parents simply told me, "No. You can't have that". And no amount of crying got me what I wanted. In addition, my whole family changed our eating lifestyle, we started stocking more veggies, trying out new heart healthy recipes, and stopped buying sodas, high-sugar juices, and processed snacks (yes I realize how easy they make packing lunches for kids, but no, they're quite unfulfilling and high in empty calories).

I really started caring about my body and health when I was 14, and my soccer team broke apart, leaving it up to me to start working out on my own. So, believe me, it's not unusual for her not to want to go out on her own, she doesn't have that strength of will yet. You, on the other hand, do, and are perfectly capable of strongarming he rinto going to a sports practice. It was a painful process, but I really thank my parents for making me do everything I ever did.

Check out my earlier posts if you'd like to know a couple of nutritional tips and great snacks to start changing your lifestyle.

It'll all work out:)
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