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Stomach fat?

So I've done tons of research about stomach fat and the best way to burn it is by a balanced diet and by drinking a lot of water and engaging in both cardio and strength training, but is there anything else? i workout usually everyday, at the least 5 times a week, very rarely 4. I eat quite heathy, taking in a lot of fruits and vegetables and trying to watch my serving sizes and portions. Some days I workout twice, like 2 or 3 times a week I'll go for a jog or hit the elliptical machine in the morning, and go for a uphill bike ride or an hour long Zumba class after dinner. I know I have muscle definition in my stomach, I can feel it, (quite literally), but I have to burn off a layer of fat to be able to see them. also, I drink about a gallon or more of water a day, and try to eat very little sugar, besides in fruits. how long should it take to burn that layer of fat at this rate? are there any good workouts and or things to incorporate that will help with fat loss and abdomen muscles? thank you
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The four most common reasons why people can't lose fat despite doing everything right are:

1. Health reasons such as adrenal fatigue.

2. You might actually be working out too much and not eating enough, which encourages the body to hold onto fat.

3. It might not be fat, especially if there isn't much there, it could be water retention, sometimes it's difficult to tell the difference. You can sometimes tell if it's water retention if you smack the skin and it literally ripples very far away from the place you touched the skin like water and also if you tend to get a swollen face or swollen feet or skin that compresses like memory foam at certain places.

4. You have unrealistic expectations. Realize that super cut/ripped people like fitness models and muay thai fighters DO NOT look like that all the time. For most people, being completely ripped all the time is not actually healthy and they have to do a lot of dangerous things to get that way, and they only do it temporarily for fights or aesthetic competitions. For example, in order to get super ripped they completely dehydrate themselves and do things like sweat in a sauna without drinking water for a long time.
Furthermore, if you are a woman it's healthy for you to have a natural fat layer for pregnancy, in order to get ripped, you may actually have to starve yourself, which is obviously not recommended.
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Diet is # 1!  women have four abdominal muscles. Your ab workout has to be done very slow! Only diet and exercise can get rid of the fat that covers them. For women in particular, belly fat is an issue that gets more challenging with age. But even with flat abs, to build strong sculpted muscles requires eating a balance diet.The diet should include proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables and limiting or avoiding refined foods and sugars.
Cardio workouts burn the fat that tends to accumulate around a woman's middle. But cardio workouts will not sculpt abdominal muscles. In fact, it's possible to build six-pack abs through cardio workouts alone if you engage the core muscles. Running, tennis, kickboxing and rowing all use the core to stabilize the upper body during the workout. The abs engage, and at the same time get stronger and more defined.

Doing ab exercises is the best way to sculpt the six-pack. While the rectus abdominus is the muscle that forms the washboard look, you don't want to ignore the other muscles, especially the internal and external obliques, which are used in rotation. The top two exercises for both rectus abdominus and the obliques, are the bicycle and captain's chair. For safety and to ward off boredom, you should do a variety of abdominal exercises including planks, reverse crunches, sometimes called a reverse curl  and ball crunches. Another option is to do Pilates, which focuses on core strength. If need be google the exercises to see how to perform them.

Always work opposing muscles groups. It ensures balance, and safety. Strong abdominal muscles without a strong back pose a higher risk of back issues than having weak ab muscles. Every ab workout should include back exercises. Some ab exercises already engage back muscles such as planks or Pilates. Exercises that target the back include the lumbar extension, which involves laying prone on the floor or a ball, and lifting your head and shoulders by using your back muscles. You can have your hands on the floor or ball for support, but don't use them to push. Bird-dog is another effective back exercise. On all-fours on the floor, extend one leg back and the opposite arm forward. Engage the abs by pulling them up toward your spine. Don't shift your body's balance onto the knee that is on the floor. Instead, keep your weight equally distributed between the hand and knee, using your abs for balance. Google the exercises!!

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