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Strength Enhancers

Didn't know where to ask this as it is a mixture of topics. Basically I was wondering if these Muscle Enhancer's which you can buy pose any health problems.


The above products are what I'm questioning. I want to know:
1. Do your muscles grow correctly, as I have herd that products similar to these such as steroids can cause muscle problems?
2. As well as making muscles bigger, will above products enhance the actual strength of the muscle.
3. Any health problems in the future due to the fact that I'm 18 at the moment, 19 soon. Is there any long term problems having larger muscles might cause?
4. If not used regularly will the gained muscle be lost? So if I was to use this would I have to use it for rest of my life to maintain the new muscle tissue?
5. If anyone can, could explain to me exactly what the product does to your body.

And any other suggestions if anyone thinks of any.

Thanks in advance.
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  Ok yeah I have a lot of books on supplements and what they really do.

  Anything that claims to be a testosterone booster **if it is legitimate** just has the fats and raw building blocks so your body can produce it.  If your eating normally 2000 + calorie diet with meat they wont benefit you.  However if your cutting or your a vegan you might see a very slight effect.  Every company is trying to make money trying to market their drugs as testosterone.  Which in elevated levels, do help build muscle.  The dangers of testosterone is your using a hormone and self prescribing it, which is why a lot of professional body builders don't live to see 55.  

  Nitric Oxide, has claims to do some tomfoolery on giving muscles the pumped look throughout the day.  

  If your serious about lifting the best supplements to take is a multi-vitamin and protein powder.  If your trying to get your muscles to retain fluid forget NO and just take creatine.
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  Im not sure if you caught what the good doctor said.  Pretty much if your on a limited budget (i.e. not eating a proper diet and just eating whats in the fridge) it is best to forget about creatine as well.  He also described why people on steroid cycles look bigger and look a lot smaller off a cycle.  

  You need to look on everything you eat.  If your serious about gaining muscle quicker then you need to eat 1 gram of protein per pound you want to weigh.  What the Doctor also said is protein from natural sources is more readily used by the body.  
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Hi, anything which claims to be a muscle enhancer needs to be thoroughly investigated. Actually when you do weight training, the muscle fibers of your body gets hypertrophied i.e. increase in size due to repeated stretching and tension in it. As soon as you stop doing the work outs, the muscle fibers return to normal size at the process of hypertrophy is reversible. There is no increase in number of cells in the fibers which is called as hyperplasia and which is irreversible.
I would suggest you to to do a regular fitness and weight training program of your choice along with protein rich diet which means a diet rich in amino acids but also from natural sources. Regards
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I don't really have a proper diet, I just eat what I find in the fridge, i do usually eat many eggs which are supposed to contain Iron which builds muscles?

I just want something that will help me builder muscle quicker.
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Didn't realise you can't have links to websites, although it makes sense to stop advertising.

The products I'm talking about are called Muscle Extreme and Ultra Force might.
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