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Why am I gaining and not loosing?

I am a 32 yrs old female, 5'4 beginning weight March 21, 2011 was 144.8. Current weight is 138.6. My goal weight is 125.

I am very confused I have been eating btwn 1400-1500 calories daily.  I drink btwn 96-140 oz of water daily. I ride my bike M-F for 30min. and M,W,F I do 3 reps of 20, pushups, crunches, squats, superman, (weights) arms extensions, back extensions, curls, and chest extensions.

I was at 136 a week and a half ago, and this week I have gained 2 pounds, how is this happening? I don't understand why I am loosing weight. I can see a small difference, I have lost a few inches continually each week everywhere except my thighs. They don't seem to be going anywhere, but I am very frustrated because I am eating a somewhat balances diet.
Example: Breakfast, hard boiled egg, banana, english muffin with peanut butter, honey.
               Lunch, deli turkey and cucumber sandwhich (whole grain bread), tomato, string cheese, 1c fruit.
                Snack, Trail mix/pretzel
                Dinner, Grilled chicken/tilapia, 1c (corn/green beans/peas/broccoli), 1/2c cottage cheese, 1c fruit.

What am I doing wrong> Please help!
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I experience the same thing. I did find out I had a thyroid problem. But one thing I did was estimate my calories. I did not actually weigh  and measure my food. I was taking in more calories then I thought and burning less then I thought. All exercise is not created equal. A half hour of ice hockey not the same as a half hour of walking. And I can not have any carbs to start burning fAt. But that's me.
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Thats what my husband keeps telling me. He keeps telling me that I look so much better, and I feel better. Its just very discouraging to not see the numbers going down. Its even harder when I am seeing them going up.
I am hoping this week is only because my monthly cycle is supposed to come this weekend. But even if it is that, what els can I do to jump start the weight loss.
I am enjoying the toning up, and dont want to loose that but I guess I just want it both ways. Can I have it both ways?
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If you are losing inches throughout, you are not really gaining...I know that sounds odd, but I am thinking that you are losing inches but gaining muscle. That old saying Muscle weighs more than fat, that's true. Also, if it's not muscle gain, it may just be water retention. That's the only explanations I have for now. I hope this helped at least a little.
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