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chest pain wen breathing due to exercise

hi im 23 and i have been weight training for 2 years now and the other day i went running everything woz fine after my run i decided to d sum wide grip pull ups after i finished wen i took a deep breath i got a sharpe pain on the left side ov my chest bt it is only a very small amount ov my chest thats in pain the pain doesn't travel anywere else just that small area on my chest when i breathe can anyone help.
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When I was younger I used to do alot of heavy weight training. I had a pain like you describe once and thought I was having a heart attack. It turned out just to be a pulled muscle in my chest.  I was 19 or 20 when this happen. Gas pain can also feel like this, along with more serious issues. Good luck.
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It can be a chest muscle sprain.

Take NSAIDs, use ice packs and rest for couple of days for the pain to subside.

If pain continues then you would need a chest X-ray and also a need to follow up with an orthopedician.

Take care!

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