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exercise type

When choosing exercise type,light, moderate or vigorous. Is that based on the exercise itself or how many times a week its done. Please let me know.
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Thank you for the information. It was very helpful
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Loaded question!
Each form of cardio has different benefits from calorie burn, to impact on your joints, to working different muscle groups. Because of the numerous variables involved, choosing which form of cardio to do can be confusing at times. Most people simply choose their favorite machine at the gym or they go for the one that’s easiest to use. In order to choose the “right” form of exercise, it’s important to know what each has to offer. Choosing will often be a decision between desired goals, ease of use, availability, and comfort.
Many people overlook this basic form of exercise. Walking has a low impact on the joints and is good for those who are just starting a fitness program. Substituting your regular workout with a lighter day of walking can also provide the rest and recovery needed within a workout routine. The only equipment required is a comfortable pair of shoes. Even if you don’t have access to a treadmill, you can walk outdoors.
Running is the most common form of exercise for children and adults. Many people choose to run outside but treadmills can offer a reasonable alternative when the weather is bad. When using the treadmill, set the incline to at least 1.0 to best match the intensity of running outside. Good shoes are also very important for runners. The amount of stress you place on your joints increases with improperly fitted shoes and bad running form. The number you choose for your speed is your pace in miles per hour.
The elliptical trainer blends the motion of running with the fluidity and upper body movement of cross-country skiing. Benefits of the elliptical trainer are movement of both the arms and legs, its low impact to the joints, and ease in adjusting the intensity settings. This machine provides an all body workout and is good as an active warm-up, particularly when your weight workout will consist of upper body movements.
The stepmill in your gym. This machine uses an escalator-style platform to mimic the movement of climbing stairs. This workout can be fairly low impact, depending on the speed. To reap the full benefit, try not to rest your weight on your arms as you hold on to the rails. Instead, lightly grasp the rails for safely. As you can imagine, climbing stairs for an extended period of time is quite difficult as you move your full body weight against gravity. This machine doesn’t disappoint!
Spin class has people sweating daily. This form of exercise has become  popular for a number of reasons. The equipment (bike) is already provided, the workout is low impact, it is performed indoors. Most importantly, the seat should be placed in the correct position to avoid injury and to maximize the effectiveness of the workout. Cycling (even stationary) can be a great way to burn calories.
Rowing Machine, It's almost a complete body workout. Done correctly, this can be a challenging exercise. For the everyday gym, strapping your feet in, sitting on the sliding seat and grabbing the handle is enough to start burning calories. When rowing, try to keep the rate-of-pull constant, not jerky. If you choose, you can isolate your arms, lower back, or legs.
I could keep going but i think you got the idea!
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That would usually mean how vigorous it is as far as cardio workout.  Someone who is in shape can exercise vigorously, but somebody who has not been getting any real exercise will need to start out with an easier program.  Somebody in between can work out at a moderate pace.  Everybody should exercise a minimum of 3 days a week to make any gains at all, and it really takes at least four to see fast results.  Once the heart is in shape and the body muscles are used to a light program you can step it up to something more moderate.  
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