HI I am 46 years old and I am 5"5 and at 178 lbs. what excercise can I do to lose the weight, without causing me to be so out of breath. I used to weight 120 until the copd. and I have been trying to lose this weight for over 2 years and it seems all I do is gain, gain, and gain. I had blood work done for my thyroid and it showed it was ok. I have so desperately trying, just please give me any advice that you may have for me, it would greatly be appreciated.
Thanks. :)
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Lifting weights causes weight loss because intense exercise burns calories, even when you're building muscle. However, weightlifting isn't a great weight-loss exercise because it's an anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercises are stop-and-start exercises. They generally burn fewer calories than continuous aerobic exercises because they don't require oxygen -- a key factor in the calorie-burning process -- while aerobic exercises do.
Having COPD You should get the OK from your doctor first!!!
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It is all about diet.. And of course some kind of exercise..
Eat in caloric deficit and lift weights in the gym for weight loss.. Don't be afraid of those compound movements..
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It seems like this tips will also help me to lose my weight.
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Here is where I started:

1.  I have a bad habit of eating out so I committed to cooking at home and doing it with a focus on veggies.  Here is a great start for really easy and tasty recipes  http://www.marksdailyapple.com/primal-blueprint-recipes/#axzz2XCCBqgme

2.  Lift weights.  It can be lots of reps with a light weight but keep at it.  Building muscle mass will help jump start your metabolism and will lead to you burning more calories when you do other activities.

3.  Like Tink said, walk, walk, walk.  I walked off 25 lbs by committing to an hour a day.  I went in the evening so heat wasn't an issues.
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eat an apple and drink a glass of water 30 minutes before every meal.
Snack on apples - there are sweet varieties that are very satisfying.
walk, walk, walk.
You don't have to walk "fast" or "far", just walk - more speed and more distance will come with time.
I know the weight gain has not been helpful for the "copd" - so losing weight will be good for that as well.
I don't have a weight issue myself but my Husband has always "struggled" to keep His weight under "control".
His mantra:
"fit people make 'Choices'  that keep them 'fit'
"fat people make 'Choices'  that keep them 'fat'
"Discipline, Discipline, Discipline"

This "works" for Him - I hope it helps You.
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