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Aggressive Ferret

I adopted 2 ferrets, both fixed, after someone abandoned them at a local pet store. They're a bonded pair and the male is wonderful, but the female bites. I've looked around and everywhere I've seen says that ferrets often bite in play, but her actions do not seem like play. She will randomly dart out at me and bite down on any skin exposed hard enough to draw blood. I thought maybe she was not properly socialized and tried spending time with her, but the biting has not gotten any better. She will do it if I stick my hand in the cage, if she wanders near me while roaming loose, while I'm changing the bedding... any time I am within range she will try to bite me, to the point where I've stopped letting her loose anymore. I feel bad doing that and would like to start letting her loose again.
Does anyone know why she is so aggressive with me and how I can help her? I'm familiar with training cats, dogs, and horses, but ferret psychology is new to me.
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