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Betta fish with possible Dropsy

I'm not sure if this forum takes fish questions but I have a Betta fish that I think has Dropsy. His belly is extremely swollen, like a little balloon and seems almost transparent and pale in his belly. His overall color looks slightly dull. He's been eating ok but staying at the bottom of the tank a lot. I moved him to a smaller tank and have been changing the water every day since I discovered him like this Sunday and have been trying Epsom salt baths with 1/2 tsp per gallon for about 20 minutes a day. This is advice I found online but the amount of Epsom salt seems to be varied from person to person. I was thinking of increasing it tomorrow to 1 tsp or maybe more?  I haven't seen any swelling go down yet but he's swimming and acting hungry. The lady at the pet store recommended I have him fast for a few days so I didn't feed him yesterday or today. She said after a couple of days I could try a piece of frozen pea with the skin off in case he's constipated. Is there anything else I can try to do to save him? We've only had him 11 months. Everything I've seen online said this is almost always fatal but I want to try to save him if I can. I don't know what else I can do. Should I try antibiotics? I feel bad and don't want him to suffer and would like to try my best to save him if I can and at least make him more comfortable. That swollen belly looks awful. :-(  If anyone is experienced with Bettas and can help I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.
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