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Our 4 yr old sweet ferret is vomiting...went to clean cage this AM, and she vomited everywhere,
she eating, shes had the normal amount of stool in litter box, shes not lethargic, but she feels a little warmer than usual...shes never done this..
1 month ago we took to vet for rabie shot, and noticed her tail had lost hair, vet stated could be adrenal gland...
she has lost no more hair, nor has the lost hair replaced...she does not scratch...
Her bedding, litter box, food tray and house are very clean, she is isolated, and held by hand, she only sees me...
The vomiting threw me,,,,she eats only ferret food, and 1 sliver slice of apple a day...
Any suggestions....her vet not open till mon, I am 2 days away...
This ferret has always been babied and shes delicate,,,she still beleives shes a baby...
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She must have had the flu, shes back on track, I cleaned and disenfected the cage, bedding thouroughly w/bleach wipes...
Continued the same feeding habits, and waited...so far...shes back on track, no more vomiting,,,,all is well....
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thats great to hear
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i'm glad she's doing better, but i have heard that ferrets can lose fur from their tail and it is because of the adrenal gland  or something like that.  there is nothing that can be, from what i have learned, but i could be wrong.  but i would check that out.  but at least she's not throughing up anymore.  maybe you already new this, but if you are sick even with a cold, you should not put your face to close to a ferret because they can catch the illness themselves.  
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Yes, Ferrets are fragile w/the adrenal gland that can become cancerous, and loosing hair is one of the signs, but as the Vet informed me, Ferrets require a lot of sleep, darkness time, and if they do not get enough darkness, they will loose their hair and start getting ill. Plus, any flu's out that Human can contract the Ferret can get too...
Keep them clean, warm, bed house w/blankets, dry food, and a treat if you like, and clip their nails, for nails get caught up on towels or blankets and they will get hurt, but they love to nest up and cuddle up in their beds and put their covers over their heads to make darkness. A ferret is a good friend to the right type of owners.
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