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Mini Lop Rabbit

I just got a mini lop rabbit from the pet store 3 days ago.  I don't think he was ready to leave his mom much less be in a pet store.  They got him two days before we did.  He is a mini lop.  He only weighed 9.5 ounces when we got him.  He is eating his hay but doesn't seem to be drinking.  I see him trying but I don't think he is getting much out of the bottle.   I even got a different bottle and put in the cage.  Last night I weighed him again and he lost .75 ounce in weight.  I got an eye dropper and watered him that way and he drank a dropper and a half worth of water last night and again this morning.  Guess my question is how old do you think he is and how much water should he be drinking and how do I get him to use the water bottle?  I tried looking this up but cannot find anything out.  Thanks ahead of time.
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