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guinea pig

I have a 2 year old guinea pig male, when i first got him he was 3 month i also bought another one a month later his friend past away. and since then i never got him a friend.
yesterday i got him a cage a really big one now he has so much space he dont know what to do with it... i would love to get him another friend but i dont know how to do the indroduction and if i should get another male or female, if i get a female should i spay her or neuture him or both or would it be better to just get another male?
also how do i clip a guinea pig nail? his are getting rather long and i dont know if its just the same as a dog and cat or diffrent...
thanks for any adivce
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With or without a friend you may want to check into getting him neutered. I had a male (Bubba) and he sprayed a lot and his urine was quite strong compared to the females I've had. I think if you want a buddy I'd go with a female. Males tend to be territorial and introducing another male at this age might be a problem. And unless you want dozens of babies, definitely get him neutered.

As for nail clipping, I clipped my piglet's nails just as I do my cats. You have to watch for the blood supply in the nail. Bubba's nails were pale and it was easy to do. If your piglet has dark nails, be extra cautious or take him in to the vet to be done.
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ok thank you! Ill see about getting him neutered befor getting a friend =) also for the nail clipping can a dog clipper work or should i get the clipper for guinea pigs?
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I haven't seen a clipper for guinea pigs. I would say whatever is about the right size would work. If it's too large the nail may twist in the opening and get hurt when pressure is put on it.
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on petsmart in their grooming section for small animals they have clippers lol =D
i would probably have to get a new pair of clippers for him i only have large for my dog.
thank you
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