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hunting & feeding my Cobalt Blue Tarantula

Hi' I have a beautiful Cobalt Blue Tarantula which my partner got me for Christmas we call her Velvet' we have had her since late November 2015' so nearly 3' months. but I'm really concerned as we have only seen her eat 3 times since buying her' we feed her crickets & we have tried her with meal worms but she does not seem interested in her food what so ever. after looking up on line for the cobalt blue it does say they can fast' & also go with out food for a few months. we still put her food in her tank but she really is not bothered in hunting her food or even eating.
I have actually seen her walk over the crickets & wriggling underneath her & they even go into her burrow' but she still does not feed. can anyone at all advise me weather this is normal or have any advise on what else to try.
thank you Jules.
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