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Alternating Exotropia

I have suffered from Alternative Exotropia since I was about 6, my parents never got anything done about it and I still have it. The thing is, I dont think I've lost complete binocular vision, if I ook into a mirror, I can look straight for as long as I want, because I know both my eyes are straight, but its after I go away at the mirror one of my eyes (usually the weaker one) would go outwards again, if I switch between eyes, I can focus to look straight without a mirror, but I cant retain that for long.

I was wondering if surgery could help me restore 100% binocular vision, or do I need some sort of vision theraphy? Im to be 16 in September, and thought my eyes aint affecting me much socially, I still have been with gfs e.t.c, I jsut dont like the thought of being rejected later in life because of my eyes.

Thank you
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