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Cataract IOL Recommendation

My mother has to have cataract surgery and is unsure of whether to go with a monofocal or multifocal IOL. She doesn't care for the fact that with the monofocal she would still have to wear glasses for near vision but she's not totally comfortable going with the multifocal since they are fairly new and there is a greater chance of halos. After doing some research it seems most people are happy with the ReZoom multifocal and that the risk of halos is very small. The monofocal lenses that a few local surgeons go with are the Clariflex, the Bausch & Lomb, or the Alcon AcrySof. I've also read that some surgeons recommend going with one type of lens in one eye and a different type in the other eye such as ReZoom & ReStor. I've read a lot of negative side effects of the Crytalens.

My questions are:
Can anyone recommend which IOL my mom should go with?
Has anyone had experience with using 2 different types of IOL's?
Is it better to go with a multifocal in one eye and the Crytalens in the other - or a multifocal in one eye and a multifocal in the other  - or a multifocal in one eye and a monofocal in the other?
If my mom decides to go with a monofocal, can anyone recommend which one to go with as I haven't found much information comparing the different brands.
My mom lives in Kansas City, MO. Can anyone recommend a surgeon either in the Kansas City area or Overland Park, KS area?

I really appreciate any & all advice from anyone. Eagle Eyes - I would love to hear from you. Thanks everyone.
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I'm sure Eagle will respond.  

but to answer one of your questions, there is no "better" option for every patient.  every patient is different and every eye is different.  beware anyone who recommends one method or iol brand/type to every patient (not saying anyone here does that).  i know that sounds like a cop-out, but if there was one product that was obviously better than the others for all patients, then we'd all recommend that product.  you have to choose the product/surgery that you feel is right for YOU...
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I have heard good things about Clif Cokington, but get a couple of opinions. There is not one perfect solution for everyone.
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Thanks for the advice. My mom actually went to see Cokington but he only did the ReStor multifocal & the Alcon monofocal. I like the fact that he is involved in studies but after reading comments on this site I'd rather my mom go with the ReZoom or a monofocal or a combination of two different types.
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Great questions. In addition to an eye exam to determine eye health wise she is a good candidate...for deciding which IOL itt all depends on the following to best predict if she should do well. I will divide it up by numbers.
1. age
2. which eye is dominant / non-dominant
3. size of her pupils in bright light, dim light, pitch dark.
4. What does she do all day
(CLOSE READING or NEAR NEAR as it is called: very fine print like Wall Street Journal stock prices,medicine label, needlepoint, jeweler, etc) (COMFORTABLE CLOSE:reading further away than 6 inches from your nose out to arms length,normal reading of various size fonts from newspaper to books to articles, etc.) INTERMEDIATE WORK: computer, cell phones, PDAs, artist that painting, musician playing instruments, plumbing, shopping, cooking,golfing, play cards/dominoes,etc) DISTANCE: tv, outdoor activites such as walking, driving,etc. Most likely several if not all of these "ranges" are important. Pick which are the most important whether it is NEAR NEAR, COMFORTABLE CLOSE, INTERMEDIATE, or DISTANCE.
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Sorry I didn't mean to send yet...
See earlier comment...anyway determine the answers to these items I mentioned and this will be the decider of which of the IOLs to use. Now, the very important key is you much go to an ophthalmologist that has experience with all of them to get the right answer to the question. Otherwise, you get what you got when you go to someone like Dr Cokington....you get one answer regardles of the scenario. In other words, if patient really does not want to wear glasses and all he does in the premium line is ReSTOR -bingo that is what you will get.

Go to Tim Cavanaugh. He does all of them and is very nice as well. 2nd choice John Hunkeler-been doing this a long time.

Now, my question to Hud....if you are in Austin and in the financial world then how to you know about Dr Cokington in Kansas City, well enough to make a recommendation? And if you are so unbiased, why do you only and always recommend doctors that just to ReSTOR? I know him because I am in the eye care world as a nurse that works for ophthalmologists. I go to all the major meetings and speak to my peers.
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Need cataract surgeon in Atlanta (or can travel).   I am at high risk for acute angle glaucoma...my cataracts do not impact me at all yet.   I am farsighted and have mono contacts.  I see great with 8.50 for reading and 3.5 for distance.  I would not even consider having cataract surgery except for glaucoma risk.    ReStor has been recommended.  I don't know nearly enough to make good decision.

Any advice?
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