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Explanting a ReSTOR IOL

Other than sooner is better than later, good info is sorely lacking regarding the relative risks of explanting a Restor IOL, several months post-op (i.e. 7-8 months) to replace it with a ReZoom lens.  

My surgeon has told me that there is virtually no risk involved in removing a ReSTOR lens.  However, that was about 6 weeks ago (or 5 months post-op), and although he said he has removed numerous ReSTOR lenses to replace them for a prescription / power change, I believe they were done much sooner post-op (like within 3 months or so).

Can anyone share specific info or experiences relating to the explanting (i.e. removal) of a ReSTOR lens?  What are the risks?  Potential complications?  Upside?  Downside?  Acceptable time frame after implanting of the ReSTOR lens?  Is 7-8 months "too late", or still within acceptable time limits?  Is there a time limit?

I need more info to discuss with my eye surgeon at the next appointment. Thanks.
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So sorry to read about your problems and frustrations.  If the info posted elsewhere in this forum is accurate, only twenty-something of those IOLs have been explanted.  Why don't you try contacting the manufacturer directly.  There has to be somebody there in Consumer Relations who can address your concerns or connect you to someone else who can.  The web site must have a phone number.
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Thanks for the tip.  I'm not sure that the information posted on this forum can be considered complete.  My eye surgeon has a colleague in Pennsylvannia who has explanted ReSTOR lenses in approximately 100 patients, and counting.

I will discuss it thoroughly with him at the next visit.  Thanks.
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Explanting any lens always comes with a risk.  Afterall, it is a secondary surgery.  If your capsule becomes ruptured, the lens would have to be placed into the sulcus.  Not the first place of choice.

It is more than likely that  capsular fibrosis is complete.  It would be very difficult to remove if you are 6 months post-op.  The window of opportinity for most patients is within the first 2 months of implant.

Is your information on 100 explants correct? - Seems to me that that kind of information needs sharing with the public.  Good Luck
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Oops, let me qualify that---most of that 100 would be explants, and some may be a ReSTOR / ReZoom combo from the start.  I do not know the breakdown.
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My eye surgeon first raised the prospect of explanting the ReSTOR and replacing it with a ReZOOM lens at the end of February 2006, which was already 3 1/2 months post-op for me.  He discussed it again at length with me on 4/10/06, or at 5 months post-op, which is when he told me that there was virtually no risk to him removing the ReSTOR and implanting the ReZoom lens.  He is aiming for the end of June 2006 to actually do it, which would be at 7 - 8 months post-op left eye.

As I noted in another thread, he is the foremost, premier Lasik / cataract / refractive lens implant surgeon in my area.  I trust that he knows what he is doing; I just need more information to satisfy myself in discussions with him, and I am seeking that via this forum---specific questions to ask him.
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