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Floaters Illuminating, feels like there's sand in eyes...

History: Whether or not this matters isn't known to me, but I'll include it anyway:

May: Contracted what was diagnosed as folliculitis.  Prescribed Keflex and topical antibiotic, which cleared it up (was in underarms, likely contracted from a hot tub I had been in)

June and July: Suffered dizziness, loss of co-ordination, slight loss of cognitive function.

This is when I first noticed that when looking across windows to the outdoors in a darker room there were bright flashes in my right eye.  It is like two bands of light that start at the edges of my eye and cross in the middle as I swing my eye past the window.  I soon noticed very dark and large floaters of a spiderweb sort floating in my right eye.  One of them looks like a large X right in the center of my vision.  It should be noted that the flashes I see do NOT appear in darkened rooms, with my eyes closed, etc.  They are not a result of a retinal problem.

I went to an optometrist and got a referral to a opthamologist.  The optomotrist mentioned she saw some sort of "structure" in my eye that was pulling on my retina.  The opthamologist found a hole in the retina of my right eye, but he said it was old and that the light flashes were NOT a result of this hole.  I had not at this point connected the floaters to the optical effects in my eyes.

Since then I have a few new floaters in my right eye, and the flashing has gotten worse.  Now if I look up at, for instance, flourescent lighting in a store, I can see all of my floaters illuminating as I look at them.
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I also feel that there is something moving around in my eye sometimes, or a piece of sand is in it.  I never find anything.

What's concerning me is that the floaters and flashes are now beginning to appear in my left eye.  A long floater has started to decend into my vision on the left side, and it flashes when passing over bright areas as well.

My opthamologist said my vitreous was not detaching from my retina.

I'm at a loss as to what is happening to my eyes, why I continue to get more floaters (even in my left eye that has had no retinal tear).

The only theory I have right now is that my dizziness was caused by a bacterial infection of my vestibular system (which still isn't 100%) and that perhaps this infection has been passed into my eyes.  An uncommon cause of floaters is bacterial infection of the vitrous, transmitted through the bloodstream.

I should also add that I was very tired and sick during the time I was dizzy, I basically worked and slept.

Thanks if anyone has anything to say.  I am seeing the opthamologist for a followup to my retinal tear repair next week.
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