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Is posterior capsule wrinkle after cataract surgery unusual?

I had cataract surgery 4 days ago and am very happy with the results.  The doctor got the power exactly where I asked (0.25D to 0.5D myopic).  I am now 20/20 at 20 feet, best at 10 feet and can read the computer at 30 inches.  It does help to use 1.00D reading glasses for the computer.  The only problem is that there is a horizontal streak from bright lights, like individual light bulbs.  The surgeon said that this is caused by a wrinkle in the posterior capsule, which is caused by the pressure of the haptics.  I got the B&L SofPort AO IOL.  He said that it might go away, but probably not.  He said that it could be fixed by YAG laser if it is still there after 4 weeks and it bothers me.  My questions are:
-- Is this wrinkle an unusual occurrence?
-- Is the risk of the YAG laser treatment on the posterior capsule worth the removal of the streaks?
-- I believe that it is easier to do the YAG laser treatment whey the capsule is clear than when it might eventually cloud, so maybe it is not a bad thing to have it done now.  Comment?
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1) no, i would not consider that a 'usual' occurrence.  bot does not sound dangerous

2) 2) little risk in yag IMO

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You stated you were very pleased with the outcome of your surgery except for that issue.  It can take longer than 4 weeks for the eye to completely recover from such invasive surgery.  Give this plenty of time and thought before you subject your eyes to any more sugeries.  As with any surgery, there are risks and YAG is no different when it comes to risks.  Discuss them with your surgeon and give yourself plenty of time to think it over afterwards.  Like your surgeon said there is a chance this may resolve on it's own.  Best of luck to you!!
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I am 6 days post op cataract surgery. I,too, have horizontal lines of light from any light source. I kept hoping they would improve, but none so far. I plan to call my surgeon tomarrow. I had the surgery mainly because of night vision problems when driving-now that problem is worse. I'm wondering if I should have the other eye's cataract removed. I wanted so bad to be able to drive again at night. Can you drive at night now? Please let know any update. I'll keep you posted on what I learn from my Doctor.
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The horizontal streaks that I have are much less distracting than the large starbursts that I had with the cataract in the right eye.  The left eye starbursts were not as bad as the right and are still worse than the streaks.  The starbursts blocked all of my vision around the light, but the streak only blocks that narrow line.  I have not tried night driving yet.  These are just observations by looking at various bright lights at home, but I think that night driving will be much improved over what it was with the large starbursts.  I am still eagerly awaiting getting the cataract removed from my left eye because my VA is sooooo much better in my right eye now.
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I saw the eye Dr. today. My diagnois was same as yours.He wants me to wait 90 days for the laser tx. Apparently it is somewhat rare. I felt the staff there, who did his pre-screen, just thought I was being an odd-ball until he confirmed to them that I do have a legitimate problem. So, he used my case as a teaching tool. My other eye is still set for Monday.
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I found this article this afternoon.  I haven't read it yet, but the second photo on the second page might be what my surgeon was talking about.
I saw my optometrist this morning and she didn't seem to know about this possibility.  She is young, but good.  Perhaps she has just not had time to see this.  My surgeon, with nearly 30 years of experience, recognized it right away.  Of course, he only does cataract surgery related stuff, so he sees a lot of results.  There are 5 doctors at the clinic and each has their own specialty.  He said he could do the YAG procedure in 4 weeks, but my optometrist also recommended to wait 3 months.  I will decide at the 4 week point what I will do.
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