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MRI of the brain and orbits

MRI report:
History: Mass in the lower lateral quadrant of the orbit.
Comments: Multiplanar, multisequence MRI of the brain is obtained with and w/o contrast. In addition, high resolution images of the orbits have been obtained.

No definite areas of abnormal signal in the brain or brain stem.

The brain volume is normal for age (60/female)

There is a brightly enhancing soft tissue mass which measures approximately 2.3 cm in greatest transverse dimensionx 6 mm in greatest AP dimension which is is preseptal in the left orbit located inferiorly and laterally. This does not appear to be contiguous with the lacrimal gland. The mass appears similar to the the signal of the brain on the T1 weighted images. As mentioned, this enhances avidly. Differential for this finding includes a lymphoma or possibly vascular lesion. For further anatomic delineation of the mass, would recommend a CT of the orbits. There is no significant abnormality involving the globe, the extraocular muscles or the retrobular region. There is minimal infiltration of the superficial tissues adjacent to this soft mass.


Avidly enhancing preceptal mass in the inferior lower lateral quadrant of the left orbital which is not delineated or less likely a hemangioma. For further anatomic delineation, a CT of the orbits with and w/o contrast may be helpful.

MRI of the brain is unremarkable.

1) My doctor is not doing CT but doing a biopsy.
2) Could this be an orbital pseudotumor?
3) Is lymphoma common in this area?
4) Hemangioma?
5) Mass appears similar to signal of brain
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that is NOT pseudotumor.  pseudotumor is raised intracranial pressure in the ABSENCE of a mass.  you have a mass found and measured with an MRI.  a hemangioma is a type of mass, so its possible.
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