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Need Help !!!!!!!

A. Is There any need to visit my doctor anymore or do i have to ??????
B. If Yes, How many times do i have to visit my doctor ????
C. What specific things do i ask him ???
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different people need to go to the eye doctor at different times.  i'm not really sure what you're asking.  it depends on what is wrong with you and your eyes/vision.

healthy people taking no medications and who have good vision and have had a thorough eye exam in the past probably only need an eye exam every 2-3 years or so.

people who wear glasses or contact lenses or who have had eye surgery need to be going at least annually, possibly more if they have certain diagnoses.
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So I Have The Floaters And Others Stuff That i Wrote in other post so on
So do i have to go to the doctor again [went a month ago]
I Am seeing the same not increase or anything do i have to go Again
and how can i know that something is wrong in my eyes
and i do i know thats the floaters are increasing
pls answer ! Sorry !
Thank u Robert Michael Prince, O.D. For Taking u Time
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ah yes.  this guy:


you need to please stop freaking out.  you're fine.  annual eye exams are fine for you.
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