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Really weird - Air comes out of eye....

For many years, I have noticed that, when I blow my nose, particularly if I am really stuffed up, no matter how lightly I blow, I feel air come out of the inner corner of my right eye. It is nothing that really bothers me very often because I am rarely stuffed up, but I am just getting over a cold, and so I have been blowing my nose (or trying) more often.

What causes this? Is there some sort of hole in my sinuses? Is this serious? Could this cause any other symptoms like floaters, lightheadedness, or dizziness? Is there anything that can be done about it, or is it even worth worrying about?

Thanks in advance for the information.
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totally and completely normal.  

everyone has a "hole" in the corner of their eyelid called the "punctum".  its for draining tears.  it drains directly into your nose.  this is why everyone gets a runny nose when they cry.  excessive tears will cause runny nose b/c they all drain into your nose.

well in your case you've noticed the opposite: you can blow air out your punctum by blowing your nose.  lots and lots and lots of people can do this.

its absolutely nothing to be worried about.   no..there's nothing that can "be done" to stop it.
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