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Rezoom lenses eye swelling

I had rezoom lens right eye 4/27, left eye 5/17.  June 21 right eye started bothering me with blurriness & fogginess.  Went back to eye doctor Friday, June 23.  He said right eye "decided to swell".  Put be back on Pred Forte 4 times a day for a week, 2 times per day next week.  Is this common with cataract surgery?  After week of 4 drops Pred Forte per day, vision still blurry, foggy.  Is this the rezoom lens doing this or is "swelling" common?  These rezoom lenses are frustrating.  Still have to wear reading glasses, have halos.
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this is not specific to "rezoom" lenses.  every IOL can cause macular edema or swelling.  you're just unlucky.  dont blame the "rezoom", it would have likely happened with any IOL, even a monofocal.

it will most likely resolve with treatment, but sometimes takes weeks or even months.  sorry, but you cant be in too big of a hurry on this one...
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I  believe the swelling is secondary to the surgery and not the particular lens but I would definitely ask my surgeon about extending the use of the eye drops.  But I do want to reassure you about the ReZoom.  Based on input from my friends who have had this surgery (regardless of lens), and everything I have read on this site, you should expect it to take 3 - 6 months for your vision / healing to stabilize and your best vision to kick into gear.  My surgeon said he has seen improvement even up to a year!  I had my first eye done mid-June and my second eye implanted with ReZoom yesterday. My vision is not perfect --I have halos, other issues with light, and my reading vision is inconsistent at best.  On the other hand, I am no longer  a
-12.50 and frighteningly dependent on glasses or contacts. I agree at times that sounds like a long time but good luck and keep hanging in.
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Hi - it's good to read your post for some reassurance.  I was a -16 before my first surgery (which sounds similar to you - anything over -10 is pretty bad in my opinion) and tomorrow have my second eye done (which is -14).  I do have some previous macular/retinal damage and am terrified of swelling etc, although my surgeon has been very reassuring about my expected results.  I am still going to press her for extended use when I talk to her the day after my second surgery - if there are no risks of extended use then why not for peace of mind ?

I am find my eye is a little blurry in the afternoon/evening and last night put on my husband's glasses which are a -.5 and they were fantastic, so I guess my eye is tired and still healing.  Once my second eye is done, I also expect things will "even up".

I am still amazed every morning when I wake and can see my alarm clock, as I am sure you are also.  Having glasses for reading is not a big deal for me after 22 years of total contact lense dependence 16 hours a day !
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Swelling can occur after any cataract surgery, regardless of the IOL implanted. Sometimes it can be swelling in the cornea, but most likely yours is in the macula (called CME or cystoid macular edema)/ That is only my guess, ask your MD. the macula is on the retina where the crisp near vision or central near vision comes from. It usually, almost always, clears up with aggressive steriod treatment and even non-steroidal drops in addition. Again, ask your MD.

The other usual healing with the multifocals does take time, as others have mentioned here and I too have previously mentioned.
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Thank you, everyone.  It's the fogginess that is frustrating.  Still foggy after week of Pred Forte.  It's like having a dirty contact lens, but there are no contacts to take out & clean anymore!  So you all don't think this is anything serious?
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I think that only an eye doc that is examining your eye can answer that question. If you feel better getting a second opinion, go to Vision in Focus.  It will take you to the Rezoom site, in which you can put in your state, and city, and they recommend doctors that have been well trained in implanting the Rezoom lens in your area.  Good luck to you!
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