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lights moving in eyes

I have had lights moving upwards in my eyes for the last ten years or so. It started in my left eye and has now progressed to my right eye as well. The light is generally roundish and is most often in the periphery of my eye. Sometimes both eyes are affected; sometimes there is a "curtain" of light. At the beginning, these moving lights occurred only once in awhile; by now it has progressed to several times every hour, if not almost continuously. It occurs when my eyes are open, but also when they are shut. It seems to occur most often when I wake at night.
(To give an idea of the frequency: the moving light has ocurred four times while I was composing this post - three times in left eye and two in right, all moving upward).
Neurological work-up is fine: neurologist says it is not ocular migraine or migraine aura (far too frequent). Blood work is fine. EEG is fine.
Two visits over a two-year period to the eye doctor: no abnormalities of the retina. It does not resemble floater/flashers. The eye doctor was clueless and referred me to the neurologist. Neurologist suggests that I consult another eye doctor.
My high blood pressure is under control (metoprolol). Blood pressure is generally 140/80. I am 58 years old.
My question is: what is this? Can I do anything about it? How worried should I be?
What are "moors lighting streaks" (mentioned in an earlier post in this forum).
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dont know.  if its not your eye and its not your brain...actually thats impossible,  its either ocular or neurological.  IMO most likely neurological.  i'm sorry you're having trouble, but i really have no other answers for you other than the ones you've already heard.
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oh wow I have similar experiences, but I am a high myope
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