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my vision has dropped from 20/60 to 20/150 in two years

I just had what i thought would be my routine eye exam yesterday and much to my surprise i found out that the vision in my left eye has gone from 20/60 with glasses to 20/150 with glasses in the last two years.
my eye dr did two hours worth of testing including 2 different drops in my eyes to dialate them. then he used a machine to look in them and a kind of halo thing on his own head to look some more.
after this long long exam (i am very greatful for his thouroughness!) he concluded that there is no physical damage to my eye that he could see but that there was fluid or water behind my eyes that was stopping the messages from reaching my brain?
splain lucy!

some history about my eyes
-i developed ambliophia when i was a year old
-a lazy left eye was discovered when i was 6 but nothing was done to treat it.
- i got my first pair of glasses when i was 13 and they were surprisingly strong. the eye surgeon i went to said i should have had them when i was six! lol
- ambliophia was diagnosed when i was 21
- i developed shingles on my right optic nerve when i was 31. i was treated for 4 weeks at the hospital eye clinic for that and they said the shingles caused some perminant nerve damage in my right eye.
-i had a weird spasm in my eye a few years ago but my dr didnt think it was a major thing.
so now im down to 20/150 in my left eye with glasses, legaly blind wihtout glasses lol. and he thinks i have water behind my eye but cant find a reason for it?
should i be worried? do i need a second opinion? any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks:)

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