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red itchy bumps on eyelids

It starts with a tiny red bump under my skin, in the crease if my eyelid, and is very itchy. It seems to spread, on my eyelid.
Then, each morning I wake up, my eyes are swollen. The itchiness continues for about 3 days, then the tiny bumps dry up and i'm fine. This has happened 3 times in a month. I've ruled out, makeup or my skin products. Can you please help?
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well, if the bumps are on the BACKSIDE of your eyelid, then this sounds like ALLERGIC CONJUNCTIVITIS.  you need to be on topical steroids like alrex or antihistamines like optivar or patanol.

if the bumps are on the OUTSIDE of your eyelids, then this is some skin/hypersensitivity reaction...you may need to see a dermatologist.  this could even be virla...like herpes simplex.  especially since you say the bumps "dry up"...like at some point they are oozing liquid?  that certainly would not be allergy, and would lead me towards a diagnosis of some recurrent viral condition like simplex
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Thankyou, Should I see my medical Dr. or a Dermatologist?
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well, it depends on whether the bumps are on the outside or the inside.

outside: see a dermatologist.  dont waste time with your primary physician unless your HMO forces you to get a referral

inside: optometrist or ophthalmologist (again, dont bother with the "family" practice guy unless you have to
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