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Both eyes lazy??

My  8 yr old daughter has been complaining of  blurredVision problemsdistant vision since 3-4 months.On examination she was found to be 6/18 RE and 6/12 LE which were only slightly correctable by lenses.She has major cylindrical defect  in both eyes. Fundal examination showed no abnormality.LE has more defect than REyeReye syndrome
Reye syndrome - resources. My doctor says its Lazy eyes,(amblyopiaAmblyopiadue to refractive error).
I want to know whether Is it correctable at this age by specs and eye patchAllergy testing
Skin color - patchy?
Will her eye sight return to normal after the therapy or she will have to wear specs all her life?
How long is it going to take?
Is it congenital ? What precautions should I take? Any Eye  exercises?
Any dietary changes/supplements? .
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Your daughter should have an exam by a pediatric ophthalmologist (EyeMD).  You did not mention what her prescription is, but if it is strong, it is possible that wearing the glasses will help her vision improve over time.  As she gets older, she may be a candidate for contact lenses.
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Thanks Doctor, I consulted  my paedriatric opthalmologist and she has given prescription of RE +0.50 DS/-0.50 DC X 180* and LE + 0.50 DS/-2.25 DC x170*. (6/9)(6/9).She said  eye patching was not necessary. Is it okay? does she has lazy eyes or only cylindrical errors?
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