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I don't know what to do anymore, scared of my eye and foot.

Well, I noticed three days ago that my right eye was sore. It wasn't really my right eye, but it was the corner under my lower eyelashes. It was just a little sore when I blinked or touched it too hard. I tried searching it up and people suggested it was a sty. But I don't think it was a sty because there was no bump. No bump, no redness, no swelling.

Yesterday, late at night, when I put water over my eye it burned. I think it may have been the soap but I'm not sure! So it became watery and red. It wasn't pink eye though, I think it just might have been the soap.

I noticed last night that the vision from my right eye is blurring. This was surprising to me because I'm only fourteen years old, and my vision has been perfect so far! I've been able to see signs from far away, but suddenly, I could hardly see anything at all.

After looking it up, I decided it could just be dry or tired eyes. So, I went to sleep. I woke up today, and my eye is no longer sore.

HOWEVER, my right eye vision seems fine. But, when I put my hand over my right eye and quickly remove it, my vision becomes blurred, then sort of focuses. This has never happened to me before!

Is this something serious, or because it became better overnight, is it just that my eye is more tired than usual? I recently took an online class, so I've been staring at the computer much more than I'm used to.

If this helps, I have also been having a random vibration feeling in my knee, then my thigh, and I have been feeling what I believe is my heartbeat in my right foot for quite a while. The foot thing is happening right now.

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