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What can i do to improve my vision - Nystagmus
Hi,  I am an MS sufferer - Secondary progressive MS for the past 10 years (im 27)
i don't think i've ever had my eyes tested or needed too and never had vision problems or optic neuritis.
This was an MS symptom i never had,
but over the last 2 years i have noticed my vision reading the laptop, which i spend on most of the day, gets hard to focus on the text but this is corrected if i close one eye (either one), the focus then corrects and i can read fine,

I went for an eye test as i noticed it was more difficult/awkward  focusing on text on the laptop screen,
well i saw an optician last week as its been so long, and he said he saw Nystagmus and i was slightly short sighted, they did not see evidence of optic neuritis.

Image of my results of eye test:= http://tinypic.com/r/ztgjy9/6
On the letter the optician says:
"On ocular motor balance, horizontal nystagmus seen, larger for reading particularly when focusing on close objects.  His near point of convergence is -6cms.
Further examination appears remarkable.."

I am due to see the optician next week to try some glasses to see if this helps but he's not confident it will as my vision is okay, its just the neurology/MS worsening my eyes/nystagmus, to which he said there is no treatment
when driving i have no vision difficulties seeing anything and have never had a crash, but i guess they have these strict vision rules for a reason

- is there any recommended supplements or treatment that improve your vision when you are slightly short sighted plus have nystagmus?
i follow the Swank MS diet with big amounts of organic veg = 12 cups per day of veg, low fats, NO diary/gluten/sugar/soy/legumes, NO red or organ meats.
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The only recommended treatment may involve orthoptic therapy or muscle training. Sometimes "over-minusing" the prescription can stimulate better convergence. This may help, but there is no guarantee. You should visit with an ophthalmologist (medical doctor).
Best wishes,
Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
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I just realised I didnt address my message to the doctor, so here it is again :)
i just remembered the optician said my nerve fibres had gone due to my MS.

Thank you Doctor for this information, I am due to see the orphthalmoligt in a few months,

one thing i just realized, i have anemia = low red cell count, low white cell count and low haemoglobin, and i have read vision problems is a symptom of anemia

do you know if this is valid, that being anemic can cause poor vision/short sighted vision or even Nystagmus?
if so, should my vision improve once i raise my blood counts, no longer anemic?
my visual acuity is 6/18 and with a myopic prescription it is 6/12
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