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What do I do if my eyes don't close all the way?

Hi, Both of my eyes don't close all the way. I have dry eye, and it is worse in the left side that doesn't close as
much as the right. I use eye drops several times a day. My husband said he noticed it years ago and never said
anything. I only noticed it lately because I am getting more dry eye lately. Do I have to get surgery for this? I am worried.  I put two photos on my home page.
thanks for any suggestions.
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Surgery would be the last resort and the photos you sent don't come close to needing surgery.  Some observations about your photo. You appear to have a rash on the cheeks that would be acne rosacea which is associated with dry eyes, blepharitis, and irritation.  If so needs to be treated by dermatologist. Also would want to make sure you don't have discoid lupus.

Several eye conditions must be excluded  the first being hyperthyroid disease, which can be hard to diagnose, which can make the eyes move out (exophthalmos) and prevent the eyes from closing.  I'm assuming you have never had cosmetic eyelid surgery which is one of the most common causes of this (tucked too much).

You do need to see an ophthalmologist. Sometime while you are napping or asleep ask your husband to take a photo taken looking up to you eyes that shows the lids not closed. Take that photo in to the ophthalmologist. Also the ophthalmologist should examine your eyelids before any of the tech put any drops in your eyes as the dilation drops or any drops can alter how your eyelids close.

The treatment for this usually works:  1. don't sleep under a fan at night or have any air moving over the bed e.g. heat/cooling fixture.  2. in winter months have a room humidifier in bedroom and buy a inexpensive hygrometer (humidity gague) that tells you how much moisture in air. It will have a comfort zone marked on it about 35-40% moisture.    3. at night use a lubricating GEL not a regular eye artificial tear. Only GELS are thick enough to last all night.  Ointments are even better but people hate them as they blur vision, are messy and make the eyes stick together.
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Thank you so much.
I have been diagnosed with Rosacea.  I haven't been using my Rosacea meds lately.  I am hypothyroid.  I take  Synthroid for it. I was just retested recently.  I just purchased Systane. Is that good enough? I haven't tried it yet. Or would you suggest a gel I can get? I use a humidifier as well.  But I  will the hygrometer.  I don't sleep with heating or AC.  
Thank you,
Also, I have not had cosmetic eye surgery.  I use Finacea 15% gel. It works if I use it regularly.  I haven't used it lately because I am afraid of getting it in my eyes. Since SARsCov2, I worry about having to go to the doctor.  
Dry eye problems is more common in both hypo and hyper thyroid.  systane is good daytime lubricant but will not last all night. Bedtime products need to be gels
Thank you! Any recommendations for the night rime eye gel?
Thank you! Any recommendations for the night time eye gel?
Soothe Night time and Refresh PM and Celluvisc  are all good
Darn auto correct. Should say sounds weird
Thank you. I was able to get Celluvisc and Systaine gel drops. I will try them and see. I really  appreciate your help!
I used the Refresh Celluvisc for two nights. Both nights I got very watery eyes. Second night when I woke I got very dizzy a couple of times. I guess I have to stop these eye drops right?  Is there another gel that has different ingredients? I don't get dizzy normally.
See above.  Maybe it is migraine related.  I used to get vertigo but not dizziness.  But I slept deeper after getting relief from the Celluvisk. I haven't seen anything on Celluvisk causing dizziness.  So maybe it is migraine related?
Sorry about so many posts. I just wanted to add that I have low blood pressure too. I don't usually get dizzy but do get out of breath and light headed when I bend over and come up fast etc. I am thinking this isn't an allergy. Rather, it is probably migraine related because I have no other symptoms.
You are sort of wandering away from eye problems. Perhaps you might want to post on some forums related to those problems.
Ok sorry
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I have similar issues. Some people use a pink hair tape at night.( Young's weird I know, but it's gentle and removes easily) It's  sometimes tough to find,, try amazon or Sally's. I personally found a easier diy.  Glad press and seal wrap. Cut little squares. They stick to skin, can be removed and repositioned numerous times per night absolutely no tugging  or sticking to lashes. No residue left on skin. Just use your drops or gel at night and then apply to your lids.  My opthalmologist laughed at first but then started recommending it after seeing how well it worked.  Some people use nonstick medical tape but it's expensive and harsher on my skin.
Good luck
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We use that technique also for moderate or severe exposure. We advise patients to us "Press N Seal"  works really well
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