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12yo boy with unidentified eye condition


My 12yo brother has a rare condition in both his eyes that no doctor knows
exactly what it is and they set him a superficial keratectomy surgery for next month.

He was first diagnosed about 3 years ago when he got something stuck in his eye and
went to an eye doctor and found out about a much serious problem that is the one we
are dealing with now.

The doctors found that he has some kind of scars under his epithelial (hope i'm saying
it right) that start from the bottom of the eyes and slowly going up when time goes by.
Some kind of cornea scars in both eyes they say.

They did topography and refraction tests and I have attached the results to this topic.
(one file out of 5 since the forum doesn't give me the option for more but I would be happy to send all 5 through email).
Oh, In the topography they said that there is (hope it's accurate because I'm translating
it from Hebrew) "lower flattening", a shape that reminds PMD (thickness 600).

Now, In his left eye the scars are now starting to cover his pupil and that's why they
want to do the surgery (just for the left eye for now).

The kid doesn't seem to feel any pain and doesn't seem to notice any sight problems
except when the doctor tests his sight each eye at a time, then the left eye sees like it's
looking through a "glass with steam" (quoting the doctor).

We are very concerned as no doctor knows exactly the cause of this and one of the
best doctors said that they did this kind of surgery for this kind of condition about
once a year (and you could tell by the body language of the doctors that even
that even that one surgery is in doubt) anyway, It's all unknown and scary.

This surgery was the last option for many years now and now we are not sure
what to do mostly because it seems the doctors also are a bit confused.
It's a 12yo kid and we don't want him to be a test animal of the doctors by being
the first to go through that operation with his unknown rare condition.
(some kind of unknown climbing up scars under the epithelial).

Would appreciate help very much.
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I would recommend your brother see a corneal specialist and a pediatric ophthalmologist.

Dr. O.
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He already did, he went through many doctors from different eye
departments and no one recognized his condition...
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