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14 year old and need help: Amblyopia

I'm 14 and I have amblyopia.
I'm can't see out of one eye and I'm worried that I'll go blind before I turned 18.
I wear glasses but it doesn't help because I still can't see that well when I cover my left eye.
I was wondering if there is any treatment at this point...

1. Will eye surgery help or is there a treatment besides patching?
   (I tried patching but it didn't help.)
2. If I already can't see normal writing through my right eye, does it mean that I'm certain to go blind in that eye?
3. Will this affect vision in my left eye more than it already has?
4. What do you guys recommend?
5. My right eye is really bad and gets worst each year, is there a way to slow down sight loss?
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1. No surgery will not improve the vision, if the eye crosses or turns out may improved the cosmetic appearance.
2. Amblyopia does not lead to complete blindness because it only affects the central or reading vision, it does not affect the peripheral vision.
3. Moreover at age 14 amblyopia does not progress.
4. Protect your good eye from disease and injury, live a healthy lifestyle, don't smoke, wear protective eye wear for things like lawnmowers, weedeaters, power tools. Avoid those if you can. We regular glasses all the time to protect the good eye even if it does not require a prescription.  Avoid contact and racquet sports if possible, if not wear proper eye protection
5. Your children, brothers and sisters and cousins are all at high risk for this condition. All newborns by blood should see a pediatric ophthalmologist by age 2 to 3 years of age.
6. See answer to #3. It may just be that your glasses RX gets thicker but the vision should stay the same with stronger glasses unless you have a second disease such as high myopic macular degeneration.
7. You should be under the care of an ophthalmologist Eye MD, see him/her at least yearly the rest of your life.


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