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18 month old with accidental eye damage.....

Posted by Concerned Mother on April 22, 1999 at 17:47:12
Last night, my 18 month old son pulled a pottpourri simmering pot full of cinnamon spice oil onto his face. the oil was cold but still got into his eyes. We were instructed by poison control to flush his eyes and wait. We did this and later took him to the er because he wouldnt open his eyes. His eyes were flushed and numbed. This morning there was no change. he still didnt want to open his eyes. I took him to the eye dr. this morning. He said his eyes were swollen to +4 and gave me steroid drops and antibiotic cream. I am wondering what the long term damage (if any) and what the prognosis is. Please help with any info. Thanks!

Posted by hfhs md ke on April 22, 1999 at 19:22:47
i am sorry to say that without examining your son i am truly unable to give u a prognosis. suffice it to say, that on the encouraging side, a young childs eyes are very resilent and that the eyes themselves are probably ok because his natural reflex, like yours would be to close them immediatlyy before anything got in them.  also, the most destructive things to get in ones eyes are soap based products and this does not sound like that- and the oil was not hot. so keep following your eye doctors recommendations ( make sure u r seeing an ophthalmologist ) and hopefully he will do well.

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