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29 Yo Artist Going blind without reasons, help me.

Hello everyone, as the title suggests, I'm here to ask for help from anyone who can identify my problem that no one in 10 years has been able to find.

I am a 29-year-old artist 1.90 tall, weighing 125 kg, it all started 10 years ago with a sudden blindness in my right eye that slowly went away and returned to normal.

The morning following my awakening I found myself many large floaters that bothered me a lot the vision,
Frightened, I went to an ophthalmologist who can find nothing but these mobile flying bodies, but over the years the symptoms and problems have increased.

From photophobia, ghosting, afterimage is bright dots in vision.

Not happy I started to get worse with myopia, in the months besides myopia I started to notice that my vision was getting worse.

I saw as if I was seeing a noisy monitor with blurry images that are never clear.

Time passes and the doctors find nothing ... until the last 4 years where I started to have even more serious problems, very small but fixed and not temporary scotomas appeared.

After that I started to see much worse with the right than with the left, so much so that the area near the nose was becoming more and more blurred until it turned black.

(Being a designer I have included two images made by myself to better explain how I see at this moment)
Once all the checks were made, damage to the optic nerve was found but due to the "normal" visual field and the negative results of the other tests it was all attributed to a congenital problem when in reality I tried to make it clear in every way that these things arose in the short term.

I make up my mind and other years pass but I get worse and worse, I change ophthalmologist but nothing.

I go to specialized centers but no one can understand what it is.

sometimes my eyes hurt, i suffer from sinusitis and some dental problems.

I have migraine attacks with aura from time to time.

I am on Timogel therapy in the morning according to my eye doctor for a safety talk.

Thank you in advance for your patience and for your time.

link with all the exams done.

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Ok I’m not a doctor and I don’t even play one in tv but I will tell my experience. Your case sounds a lot like my dad. He went blind( legally blind) at the age of 29. What you are describing sounds a lot like how he’s described his symptoms at the time. He said he has what looks like “ snow” on a television screen in the center of his vision. It always has bright flashing lights shooting through it even when his eyes are closed. When his first started things became distorted and twisted and then it eventually went into the ( tv snow ). His eyes were and still are perfectly healthy and he’s in his 70s today. What happened to him was histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis had attacked his optic nerve and caused scarring on his nerve and that’s why he has the “snow” in the center of his vision. He still has peripheral vision but  it’s diminished as well. He has 20/400 in one eye and 20/600 in the other. Unfortunately there was no treatment for him I’m hoping they’ve come a long way on it if that’s what you have going on. I wish you the best of luck and I’ll be praying for you.
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I have been responding to questions on this forum since 2007. That is the most information ever posted. I have looked at all the tests. Many I don't understand because in Italian. This is what I can tell you as a generaliztion;

1. You have had this a long time and it has not caused blindness, so it is not likely a progressive or vision threatening problem.
2. You are on timolol because they are worried about you having glaaucoma.
3. Floaters bother people a lot, some even have what is called 'floaters only vitrectomy" you can read about that.
4. Sinus and dental problems are common causes of pain around and behind the eye.
5. You should do research about "Visual Snow" as many of your symptoms suggest that, also Visual Snow is more common in migraine patients.
6. There is nothing in the tests that I could interpret that suggests you are going blind; needing stronger glasses is not a disease and as long as you see 6 m/ 6 m  with glasses you have normal corrected vision.
That is about all I can tell you. I have no idea if Italy has neuro-ophthalmologist that is expert in visual snow.

That's all I can say
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