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2yr old sensitivity to light

ok, this is a long one..

since easter time my 2 yr old son's eyes started getting really red and watery..my 1st thought was hayfever, so i got some over the counter antihistamine (sp??) but the problem persisted..it only happened when we were outside in the sun, so i bought sunglasses and a hat for him, which he wore outside when the sun was out...i told my health visitor at his 2 yr check about his eye problem and she arranged for him to see an ophthalolgist (sp??) who saw my son and said that his eyesight is fine and to come back when they are red and watery...so i took my son back cos his eyes were red and watery and he was even sensitive to the sun indoors and wanted to wear his sunglasses in the house, so i took him back to see the consultant and was told he just wants to wear his sunglasses..

i wasnt happy with this answer as my son wears his sunglasses and still screams go away sun..the last week or so he has been really bad, to the point where during most of the day he walking around the house with his eyes closed crying go away sun..my eyes hurt.

i saw my gp and was told they look a little red and to try some fucithalmic drops in his eyes...this made him worse, he screamed for an hour after having the drops and he was in pain.

i have stopped giving him the drops and i am going back on friday to see the gp, just wondering if anyone has come across this..

his eyesight is fantastic, its just the sensitivity thats the problem, some artifical light he cant stand either, like the bathroom light..he has to have a bath in the dark..and i cant open any curtains or blinds cos his eyes go red and watery with in minutes and he then is in discomfort and trying to sheild his eyes

hope someone can help
thank you

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Dear bosdeak,

I would recommend that you take your son to an eyeMD.  He may have inflammation in the eye, dry eyes, or other conditions which cause light sensitivity.  This should be able to be detected on a biomicroscopic examination of the eye.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
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