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36 and need cataract surgery

I've put off cataract surgery about as long as I can and have reached the point it can no longer wait. As of right now, I only see light and limited shapes with the right eye, the left is now starting to fail me. I've done a lot of research into the various IOL's that seem to be currently available but am still confused as to which would be the best choice. I've had two retinal detachment surgeries in my right eye and one in the left. The right eye has the scleral buckle which made my diopter -7.50 while the left eye is -5.50.

I wear contacts and hate glasses but at this point anything seems better than not seeing.

Can anyone offer some advice as to what my best options are?
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I'm going to give you some very good advice.  You've already had enough eye problems for a lifetime.  For your cataract surgery, you should go with a monofocal aspheric implant such as the tecnis one piece, acrysof IQ, bausch and lomb aspheric monofocal implant.  I advise you stay away from a multifocal or accommodating implant.  Post again if you have a more specfic question about a particular implant.
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