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8 Years and Undiagnosed - Help!

I have suffered from eye pain for around eight years. This happens randomly throughout the day and night, only most days of the week, and goes from mild to bad, and is a dull pain (rather than throbbing or sharp). Nothing helps the pain - I've tried Vicodin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, allergy medication, sinus congestion relief, nasal sprays, and many others. I've tried heat packs, massages, ice, and not even shutting my eyes helps them feel better. I suffer from no allergies, I eat well and exercise very often. I have lived only in Oregon and Hawaii for these past years.

I went to see a Neurologist who did some movement, flexibility, and pressure tests, including an MRI that turned out all negative. I saw an ophthalmologist who found nothing wrong except being slightly near-sided. The closest to a diagnosis I have come to my affliction is an "atypical condition that medicine has yet to know about", said my Neurologist. I have no family history of genetic disorders, nor do I drink, smoke, or take illegal substances.

I have been told year after year to just deal with the pain, and chances are I'll suffer for it forever. I'm 24, soon to be married, and don't want to live with the pain every day. I'm tired every day knowing there is nothing anyone can figure out, and that I'll have to suffer for the rest of my life. Please, if anyone could help me, you would be making a world of difference to this young persons life. Thank you for your time.
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I would recommend more opinions. You are motivated enough to post your question, then I would recommend visiting with another specialist in Portland or Seattle. Would recommend a Head Ache Specialist and a Neuroophthalmologist. Please keep us posted.
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