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A big bump on my eyeball

I have a big bump now on my eyeball. I am 45 years old, it appeared as a small bump about 26 years ago and grow at non-uniform rate. It didn't bother me for a while, but esthetics issue. A doctor that I went to see suggested that it is a kind of scar of an early operation I did as a child, strabismus surgery. He offered that during the years the material inside the eyeball is pressed to the scar and starts leaking and this is the bump that we see. I can send a picture. I have glasses minus 7 (about).
In the last year it is becoming huge, ugly bump and very disturbing. I'm afraid as this is my only seeing eye, as the other is quit lazy. Does someone can refer me to doctor that is specialist in this kind of problems? Thank you!
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It is very hard to say what this is without an exam.  The picture may help.
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