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A diary of a Finevion IOL implant

Before deciding on this procedure I had performed a vast amount of research and searched this forum for advice and views. As many post here with problems I have decided to write this diary from day one so others may understand how the progress is made, either good or bad. It is not designed to influence anyone's decision for or against this procedure. Please feel free to comment or add to the thread.

Male, 56 years, West Country of UK. Computer repair technician.

Lens exchange was performed on left (non Dom) eye on morning of Thursday 16th at Circle Bath by consultant Mr Jonathan Luck. A +21 diopter Finevision Micro F lens was implanted  All went as planned with no complications.

Thursday evening apart from a 'bruised' feeling to the eye, there was, and had been, no pain at all all day. No vision testing was done.

Day 1, Fri 17th

Left lens removed from vari focal spectacles and specs worn all day.

First thoughts comparing eyes, the 'new' eye is noticeably lighter and brighter, with perhaps a little less colour contrast and a very slight increase in purple hues. Slight ache, but less than before and nothing really uncomfortable. Focus at 4 metres plus is clear with no ghosting. Reading a letter or newspaper (12 point) at 30cm was fairly comfortable if the overview a little small, but 30 cm is a little too close for holding a paper. At 80cm, computer distance, objects were clear enough with a very slight edge blur, but reading was not possible smaller than 18 point. Text on screen has a soft blurr edge. Night driving home in the dark presented no problems at all with halos from oncoming cars.  Traffic lights have a circular pattern around the light but nothing distracting. Television at 3metres (42" screen) comfortable, with all intros menus and credits readable, if not sharp.

Thoughts for the day

Pleased with initial ability to see objects with this amount of clarity, text will have to improve at all distances to be considered a success.

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Day 3, Sunday 19th

As it was a day off work I decided to leave my single lensed spectacles off as long as possible to see how things were shaping up. The bruised feeling has subsided greatly to the point of noticing it only if I looked for it. Wandering around the house without specs for the first time in seven years was odd, normally I fail miserably pouring boiling water into the tea pot, let's not go near sharp knives! I could do all breakfast tasks without problems, with the brain using the new eye which could see well, and ignoring much of the information of the blurred image coming in from the untreated eye. I still had binocular vision though, and could judge distance easily. Outdoor tasks of splitting logs (on an electric splitter) and light gardening were easily accomplished and everything was clear and had good focus.

Testing later in the day yielded results of astounding improvements in such a short time. Near focus for Left eye at 35cm, text was readable down to 3 point! The un-corrected  eye at same distance was 36 point and not sharp, binocular was 14 point. Far vision was clear for trees and birds etc from 3 metres to 40 metres. Trees at 100 metres were good, with small branch definition on large Sycamores but leaf canopy on evergreens was blurred (right eye cannot define trunk, much less branches). Intermediate computer work, as against intermediate general vision, is the weakest area. At 80cm, best text for comfortable reading on-screen is 14 point. Smaller than this, I can use a computer, but edges are quite blurred. This is being written on an iPad at 45cm at approx 12 point, slightly blurred, but I want to lessen reliance on corrected right eye.

Thoughts for the day

Pleasantly surprised and pleased with the vast improvement in near focus. If this is the standard of vision with one new and one uncorrected for general intermediate and far vision things are looking really positive.
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Day 7

All bruised feeling now one, even when trying to notice it. Vision continues to improve in the Far field. Near simply cannot get better, it is now at 20/15 j1. Computer use, my daily task, is improving, but unfairly I am using one uncorrected eye along with the new lens. The pair in binocular sight are so far removed from each other in focus I am surprised to be able to see anything in binocular.

Day 8

Time for the second exchange. I have no qualms of having the second eye done. I can then really learn to use them together. The implant went without a problem. By late afternoon there was no bruised feeling, as though it had not been done. Will leave till Saturday to evaluate vision, especially reading on screen.

Thoughts for today

So far all has gone at least to expectations. More work to do with intermediate, but near and far are really good. Everything on the whole looks promising

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Thank you for this extensive description of your experience with this multifocal lens.  I believe this is the first mention of it on this discussion board.
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I failed to find a 'real life' explanation of what to expect. More disturbingly, in the UK, where there are a range of premium lenses available, little information is offered about them to cataract sufferers. I have spoken to three acquaintances in the last week who have had NHS ( 'free' Social medical care in the UK) cataract lens exchanges and when comparing notes, none had been told of the availability of premium lenses. Two would have paid for the premiums.

The Finevision lens took some finding as far as a surgeon locally who fitted them.

Day 9

Second eye had astigmatism manually removed when the +21 standard lens was fitted so a toric IOL wasn't required.

Eyes are now used binocularly. The difference in ability to see at varying distances (compared to the one IOL and one unaided eye) is so pronounced it is scary.

Driving at night, on rural roads with no street lights, in driving rain, was an experience. Oncoming headlights had a bright circular ring surrounding them producing a small 'spiderweb' pattern. No glare was thrown and I did not feel driving vision was compromised. Shifting vision from dash to road and further to road signs was seamless. If neural the adaption mentioned for the Mplus is needed, it has happened almost instantly.

Reading and writing on an iPad at 35-40cm is really comfortable. Reading a newspaper is easy. Newsprint text or the paper it is printed on is not the highest quality, but I have the ability to read the fine print for conditions of loans etc that advertisers rather you didn't.

I tried my hobby of wood turning on a lathe today, focus at point of tool to wood contact is vital for control and safety. I felt totally in control and found it so much more comfortable than wearing specs which steam up under the face-mask. Depth and field of vision is now excellent.

From first thing in the shower, the ability to read every label on the shampoos etc was the biggest novelty. Sharp focus at 100 yards is not there yet, although I would not be greatly disappointed if it never came, the 12 inch to 40 feet distances are what really matter. Computer use is now clearer with a comfortable reading size of 12 point, but able to see 10 point adequately if a little blurred.

Will post weekly in future to report on focus developments at computer and very long distance.

Thoughts for today.

I think even if things got no better, this has already been a totally worthwhile procedure. I feel my months of research has paid off handsomely and find it unbelievable the FDA drags it's feet and places so many obstacles in the path of these small companies preventing clinical trials and general availability in the U.S.A.
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