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A rippling or slightly pixelated patch appearing in left eye on add occasions

I had a problem with seeing a white arc that I was seeing with movement of my left eye movement a few months ago.  It's still there but not so bad.  But I now have a new problem.  On the 20th Feb, 4.5 months ago, I went to the hospital for a pupil dilation exam to see why I was seeing the white arc.  No problem was found, but ever since then I have on odd occasions experienced this other problem -- a roundish patch of pixelated vision in the same left eye around the centre of my left eye vision.  It was appearing maybe once a day for between 10-20 mins.  Thought it was a new floater initially but it's not. There's no problem with my right eye.

Anyway, at first it was lasting around 20 minutes and quite bad.  In recent weeks they're only been lasting 5 minutes and are much less noticeable. If I look at the sky in the daylight I can see it during those 5 minutes, although sometimes I can't and it only becomes visible when I move my eye.

The severity of the episodes tends to be decreasing as time goes on, but not the frequency with which they occur.

I think that sometimes they are brought on when I'm bent over doing something then I straighten up.  So something to do with change in blood pressure?  Also they appear to be occurring more frequently when I'm feeling stressed, but I can't say this for definite.

Anyway, a bit reluctant to go back for further tests as it seems it was the eye dilation exam that precipitated it in the first place, either that or the eye drop. Any suggestions as to the likelihood of what it might be?
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Did you see an Eye MD ophthalmologist? Or an optometrist?  Were special tests done such as Amsler Grid, Visual Fields, macular OCT?  Nothing you describe should have been caused by dilating your eyes.   You definitely need to see Eye MD since you have new symtpoms and those special tests need to be done.  They are occurring too often to be "eye migraines" which may no no or little headache.  If you have access to a 'neuro-ophthalmologist" that would be excellent as this is the kind of symptom they have special training in.
Well, either the eye drop or the eye dilation exam precipitated it.  It would be extraordinarily implausible to suppose that it would have happened anyway if I had never gone to the hospital.  Especially when we consider this new visual anomaly was at its most severe in the days following the pupil exam.  In the hours following the exam I assumed it was to do with the pupil dilation.  It was probably occurring very frequently in those first few days.

It can't be an eye migraine?? So a bright light shone in the eye could not possibly precipitate eye migraine problems?  But what else could it be then?  What sort of problem could an eye dilation exam induce??

An ophthalmologist I believe, but they only did an eye dilation exam, nothing else.  They were checking for a detached retina.
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